The Done-For-You Data Warehouse
for Franchises

Managed by experts, our Done-For-You solution centralizes and combines your franchisee data for you. The result? Hassle-free business insight for your franchise!

More BI, less BS

Why Done-For-You data warehousing is the way to go…

  • Collect and combine data from all your franchisees
  • Automate all your manual data prep
  • Easily roll up franchisor-level reports and dashboards
  • Facilitate faster franchisee compliance
  • Provide benchmarks, KPIs, and customer analysis for franchisees
  • Measure return on ad spend and other marketing efforts

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Ready to have BI reports and dashboards that work?
A Done-For-You Warehouse is for you!

Franchise-friendly BI services

With a Done-For-You Data Warehouse, the Business Intelligence possibilities are nearly limitless.
Here are some of the things the Xerva team can help you do with your data:

KPI Dashboards

Learn to read the vital signs of your franchise by identifying and reporting key performance indicators (lagging + leading).

Custom BI Reports

Get help building accurate and reliable reports and dashboards for your franchise using the viz tool of your choice.

Budget Forecasting

Boost the accuracy and efficiency of your forecasting process by automating your financial data prep.

Data Strategy

No Chief Data Officer? No worries! Our consultants can help you flesh out and plan your data's role in your corporate strategy.

Advanced Analytics

What insights are hidden in your raw data? Use data science to figure out what questions to ask and uncover meaning.

BI Support Team

Outsource building and maintaining your data warehouse or other ongoing BI projects to a team of certified BI experts.

Data Warehouses

Automate your data prep and apply your custom business logic in one location to keep your data accurate and accessible.

Data Lakes

Use a data lake to extract and centralize structured or unstructured data to answer big questions and support data science.

OLAP Analysis

Enhance your data warehouse setup with OLAP cubes, the no-code solution that lets analysts drill-down and slice data.

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Have it your way

Our Done-For-You Data Warehouse is 100% compatible with your preferred data visualization tool. With Xerva handling the data prep heavy lifting, your reports and dashboards will be faster and smarter than ever!

Tricks of the trade

Discover the KPIs and metrics top-performing franchises are measuring.

Franchises using Xerva

"We are now able to go to data warehouse for all our data needs. The ability to run ad hoc reports, and create and analyze relationships in data
is amazing."
Jim Bennett
President, NOWcfo
"This team did our custom BI implementation... ...our ability to access and learn from our own data was a big part of us improving customer experience and lowering churn."
Trent Read
CFO, Greener Equity
“Our new reports allow us to monitor our business in real-time helping us make both tactical and strategic decisions. One of the smartest decisions we have made as a company”
Steve Lichte
COO, Black Clover

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